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Where are they now?

Since the completion of the initial filming, almost all of the Train Life riders have moved on to other commutes. The expansion of the Capitol Corridor schedule in 2003 split the evening commute between two trains, the 540 and 542, and this greatly affected the schedules of the riders depicted in Train Life.

Bill and Dana  

Dana found a job close to home and doesn’t have to take the train anymore. Bill’s work put him in charge of a different region and he too is off the train.

Dolores   Dolores was on hiatus from commuting and then began driving to work. Though she claimed that she was coming back to the train, we’ve never again seen her aboard.
Ian   Ian took a new job in Southern California where he may or may not commute by rail.
Jean   Jean is still taking the train to and from work. Like many of the former train 542 group, she’s able to take the earlier train 540.
Judy   Judi’s commute situation has fluctuated since Train Life finished shooting and she’s onboard much less frequently. Consequently, she’s a much happier person.
Kent   Kent’s situation changed drastically and he was able to leave his 6-hour daily commute behind. He’s gone back to his original, leisurely 25-minute drive.
Martin   After many, many years on the train, Martin has escaped the Capitol Corridor for a new job. Since he’s left the train commute, Martin’s lost twenty pounds, gotten three inches taller, and grown back his hair.
Matina   Matina and her family picked up and moved to the other side of the country where she doesn’t have to spend four hours a day on the train. No word yet on whether she misses her guilt-free lazy time.
Nathan   Nathan finished his work in Berkeley and no longer needs to take the train.
Sunita   Sunita and her family moved to the Pacific Northwest. Or, was that the Eastern Seaboard? Either way, no word yet on how she deals with the stress of a car commute.
Tim   To preserve his sanity, Tim moved to the Bay Area. Since then, he’s been back on the train only a couple of times and has no regrets about switching to commuting by car.