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Welcome to Max Pictures

Max Pictures makes microbudget independent and documentary films. Our documentary short Train Life, the story of commuters on Amtrak California’s Capitol Corridor, received a Best of Festival - Documentary award from the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, and was screened at the 2006 Davis Film Festival.

In Production

In addition to the projects listed below we’re also in the midst of revamping our Web site. And, as you can tell from the dimmed links to the left, we haven’t switched everything over yet. But, we’re working on it. Now, about our film projects…

Despite increased crowding in the anime-documentary field, Max Pictures is in the midst of producing a documentary about—you guessed it—anime in the U.S. More details are available at the Anime site.

A follow-up to Train Life is planned for production. As the project progresses, details will be posted at the Train Life site.

Completed Projects

Finished film shorts include the aforementioned Train Life, Behind the Homecoming installments for 2001, 2002 and 2004, and Short-Timer: Behind the Scenes.

Train Life poster Behind the Homecoming 2001 poster Behind the Homecoming 2002 poster Behind the Homecoming 2004 poster Short-timer poster

Train Life, a Best of Festival - Documentary winner at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, peeks at the lives of commuters travelling between California’s Central Valley and Bay Area. Find our more about the movie at the Train Life site.

Behind the Homecoming is a more-or-less annual series of short videos made in appreciation of the volunteers at UC Berkeley’s Homecoming weekend. Shown at the staff appreciation event shortly after Homecoming, each year’s Behind the Homecoming video highlights the hardworking volunteers who give their time and energy to ensure that Homecoming weekend runs smoothly. See the 2004 video as well as clips from the 2001 and 2002 installments at Behind the Homecoming.

Short-timer: Behind the Scenes is an homage to graphic designer and filmmaker Greg Young. In this (fictional) documentary about the (supposed) making of Greg’s masterpiece film, Short-Timer, Greg’s colleagues comment on his many years of diligent service and how that diligence goes out the window as Greg’s (real) retirement approaches.


You can send questions or comments to Max Pictures via e-mail at questions@maxpictures.com.

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