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Filmed during UC Berkeley’s Homecoming weekend, the Behind the Homecoming series reveal the seamy underbelly of the Homecoming Weekend volunteer event staff. Gasp in astonishment at the courtesy golf cart drivers; thrill at the efficiency of the registration booth workers.

To view the movies and slideshow, you’ll need QuickTime 6.0 or higher. Clicking the movie links below will open a new window; depending on your download speed it may take a minute or two for the movie to begin playing.

To view or print the posters you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Clicking the poster links below will download the file to your hard drive.

Behind the Homecoming ’04

Are you aware of the silent, year-long, struggle of Homecoming volunteer staff? If not, then click the link below to view this recently released statement from the BTH-HVSLF (Behind the Homecoming: Homecoming Volunteer Staff Liberation Front). Filmed at the annual culmination of this unsung army’s perennial struggle, Behind the Homecoming ’04 is a manifesto that sheds some light on this group’s fanatic devotion to its cause.

Watch the movie (QuickTime, 5 min. 16 sec.)

Download the poster (PDF, 2.1MB)

Behind the Homecoming ’02

What?! No movie this year? The long tradition of the Staff Video has finally been broken—better luck next year. In the meantime, console yourself with this brief record—don’t blink—of the Homecoming volunteer staff from 2002.

Watch the slide show (QuickTime, 1 min. 35 sec.)

Does a 90-second slide show need a promotional poster? You bet it does! See what the fuss is all about by downloading your own copy today.

Download the poster (PDF, 200KB)

Behind the Homecoming ’01

Couldn’t make it to one of the big screen showings of Behind the Homecoming? Now, thanks to modern technology, there’s no escaping this masterpiece of jerky camerawork, amateur editing, and inaudible sound. Simply point your broadband-equipped browser at the link below for a snippet of the horror and the joy that was Homecoming ’01.

Watch the clip (QuickTime, 2 min. 35 sec.)

Need to cover up an unsightly crack or stain on your office wall? Click the link below to download the Behind the Homecoming promotional poster and stop worrying about what you’ll wrap that old piece of fish in.

Download the poster (PDF, 1.1MB)


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