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LOST fruit…

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 by calixton

…now in cans!

Last week Miss T and I snacked on some DHARMA Initiative food items while we watched the LOST season 6 premiere. Nothing fancy, just some DI Crackers and Cheese and DI Mixed Fruit.

If you’d like some DHARMA Initiative Mixed Fruit for tonight’s episode of LOST, making your own may be the only way to have them in time. (Unless you can somehow get a retroactively-timed product resupply drop—one that will arrive in the past.) All you’ll need are 4-ounce tins of Mixed Fruit and the labels from this link:

Bon appétit and namaste!

LOST returns…

Friday, February 5th, 2010 by calixton

DHARMA Initiative Travel ad - see the ad at maxpixpix on Flickr

…one last time.

With LOST back on the air—for its final season *sob*—I was inspired to go digging through some of the old periodicals piled up in our station’s storeroom (a.k.a. the garage) for DHARMA Initiative stuff. A 1976 issue of Oceanic’s INflight had a DHARMA Initiative Travel ad which I’ve scanned and posted on Flickr.

As Season 6 continues, we’ll keep looking for fun DHARMA Initiative things to post. Namaste!

Little LOST crackers…

Thursday, January 28th, 2010 by calixton

…and a little LOST cheese.

Sometimes you just want a snack. A small one. Not a sweet—something savory. And, you want to have to use a stick in the preparation of your snack. Yes, a stick. (These may sound like peculiar circumstances, but it comes up more often than you think.)

For those small, savory, need-a-stick snack urges, the DHARMA Initiative has you covered—try DHARMA Initiative Crackers and Cheese.

If you’ve searched your station’s pantry and come up short in the DI Crackers and Cheese department, you can restock with generic crackers and cheese, some self-adhesive label stock, cutting implements, and this PDF:

DI Crackers and Cheese might just be the snack for a LOST Season 6 premiere viewing party! If not, there are many more items at our LOST labels for your DHARMA Initiative needs.

Start your LOST day…

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 by calixton

…the DHARMA Initiative way!

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (you do know that, right?), and, despite being in an indeterminate place and time, life on LOST Island is no different—breakfast is important. So, when wild chicken eggs, boar bacon, and taro-flour bread are in short supply, make sure you at least have a bowl of DHARMA Initiative Cereal. There’s a wide variety available—from Sweetened Puffed Corn Cereal to Sweetened Multi-grain Cereal—and they’re great with milk or dry.

We were fortunate enough to receive a DI Cereal Individual Variety Pack in a recent resupply drop, but if your pantry is lacking in the DI Cereal department, you can improve ordinary individual-serving cereals the DHARMA Initiative way with scissors, tape, and the following PDF file:

Make sure to try them all! (DHARMA Initiative Cereal not your thing? More DI labels at LOST labels for your DHARMA Initiative needs.)

PowerBook G4…

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 by calixton

…Thy name is “Titanium.”

In 2001 Apple introduced its Titanium PowerBook G4. It was then, and remains now, my favorite laptop. The PowerBook G4 still wasn’t quite as fast as a desktop Power Mac G4, but it was much, much sexier.

This batch of 2001 Apple ads really only cover two subjects: laptops and DVD authoring. DVD authoring may not be as big a deal in these days of online streaming video, but the laptop lifestyle still seems to be going strong*.

You can fulfill your Apple ad nostalgia via the thumbnails below (and find more at maxpixpix on Flickr).

*Smartphones and mythical tablet devices haven’t supplanted laptops—yet.

LOST-fully clean…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 by calixton

…You’re not fully clean, until you’re LOST-fully clean.

And how does one get LOST-fully clean, you ask? By using DHARMA Initiative Soap (like Kate at the Hydra Station above), of course! And, it just so happens we were lucky enough to receive two types of DI soap in our recent PRD (product resupply drop): 4.25 oz bars in boxes and 3.1 oz bars in paper.

If your DHARMA Initiative supply cabinet is low on such health and beauty supplies, you can always make do with some locally-sourced bar soap and the following PDF labels:

Remember, cleanliness is next to Jacob-ness!


Thursday, December 31st, 2009 by calixton

…from the days before gigahertz.

Another batch of Apple Computer ads from the late, great pages of MacAddict magazine. In the year 2000 we were still running laptops on 400MHz PowerPC G3s and desktops on 500MHz G4s. Just short of ten years later and smartphones—in this case, the iPhone 3G S—are running CPUs at 600MHz. Desktops are running Quad-core 3GHz chips, sometimes two to a machine.

You can peruse the ads via the thumbnails below or at maxpixpix on Flickr.

(No multi-chip machines in our household, though. Maybe by 2020.)

No more floppies…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 by calixton

…(of the data storage variety).

More MacAddict-excised Apple ads from the late ’90s. Miss T actually had a Bondi blue iMac—her first computer!

My first laptop was a PowerBook G3 like the one in the thumbnail above. Good times.

Thought different…

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 by calixton

…Apple ads from the ’90s.

In an effort to create more clear, horizontal spaces in the house, I’ve taken the small step of throwing out a stack of old MacAddict magazines. The stack starts in the late ’90s, at the lowest point of Apple Computer, Inc.’s mindshare and stock price—Steve Jobs had just returned to the company, the iMac (never mind the iPod or iPhone) had not been introduced, and business and technology pundits everywhere reported only doom and gloom for Apple and the Macintosh. At the time there were only two print publications that held out any hope for Apple’s survival: Macworld and MacAddict. Macworld’s editorial tone was reasoned and cautiously optimistic. MacAddict was irreverent and fiercely loyal.

Ten years later, the state of the print publication industry and the fortunes of Apple Inc. (Apple dropped Computer from its name in 2007) are very different.

In any case, I’m paging through old MacAddict issues, tearing out articles and Apple ads for the sake of Mac geekdom. If you want to share in the geekery you can see the ads at maxpixpix on Flickr.

More ad tearing, scanning, and posting to come.

One persimmon…

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 by calixton

Persimmon from above

…two persimmon, three persimmon, four.

My family has a persimmon tree which has, for reasons unknown, produced a bumper crop of fruit this year. Sadly, I’m not a persimmon consumer. For me, a persimmon tree is something more interesting to look at than to eat fruit from:

Fortunately, Miss T enjoys both viewing and eating persimmons.