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Stuffing my fat face…


…at Fat Face (’natch).

Located in a light commercial zone behind a flooring shop, Fat Face may be the anchor for a mini gourmet ghetto (along with Let Them Eat Cake!) on the edge of downtown Davis. Actually, with limited hours* and only a small, handpainted sign to announce its presence, make that a secret gourmet ghetto. (Miss T found out about Fat Face on one of those hipster websites she’s always cruising.)

I won’t launch into the whole story of how Fat Face started out making gourmet popsicles for sale at the Davis Farmers Market before opening up shop and expanding into the foodie sandwich sector. Wait… maybe that is the whole story. What’s important about Fat Face’s story is that their sandwiches are pretty fancy (albeit fancy-priced) and delicious.

From lunch last Friday:

Beer Poached Figs sammich

Beer Poached Figs sandwich. Beer. Figs. So many things could have gone wrong, but this sandwich was so right. I don’t even like figs, but the caramelized onions, goat cheese, and arugula somehow made them work. Knowing that beer poaching was involved also helped. Tasty.

Peach/Bacon Bits sammich

This was billed as a Peach/Bacon Bits sandwich, but these bacon bits weren’t those bottled, dried-up crumbs that your mom used to sprinkle on salads to get you to eat them. This peach (!) sandwich was chockfull of cut up bacon and an amazing feta cheese concoction. I could have eaten three, but my cardiologist has me on a restricted diet of only two bacon sandwiches per day.

If you’re in Davis during one of the twelve magic hours per week* that Fat Face is open, spy them out and give them a try.

*Severely limited. Wednesday—Friday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

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