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Last Saturday…

Rare roast beef sandwich

Miss T and I shared a rare roast beef sandwich at Il Cane Rosso. Later, we headed over to Macworld 2010—sans Apple Inc. but still worth a look-see.

The very spartan Edifier booth

Possibly the most spartan trade show booth I have ever seen.

Microsoft Excel photo op

Microsoft Office, uh, icons were on hand. I might have been able to get a better photo but was afraid to get too close to them.

After Macworld, Japantown for dinner at Tanpopo…

Hiyayakko tofu

hiyayakko tofu…

Wonton chashu ramen

wonton chashu ramen…

Kyushu ramen

…and kyushu ramen. It was all delicious (though I overordered—the wonton chashu ramen was about three chashu too many).

There was also a fair bit of shopping in the Japantown malls and the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST VILLAGE Vol. 2 at the NEW PEOPLE building.

Peace Plaza Pagoda at night

The Peace Plaza Pagoda.

NEW PEOPLE at night

The NEW PEOPLE building (with the ARTIST VILLAGE Vol. 2 scattered inside).


And, a snail that Miss T spied outside of Benihana. All in all, a good last Saturday.

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