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Thought different…

…Apple ads from the ’90s.

In an effort to create more clear, horizontal spaces in the house, I’ve taken the small step of throwing out a stack of old MacAddict magazines. The stack starts in the late ’90s, at the lowest point of Apple Computer, Inc.’s mindshare and stock price—Steve Jobs had just returned to the company, the iMac (never mind the iPod or iPhone) had not been introduced, and business and technology pundits everywhere reported only doom and gloom for Apple and the Macintosh. At the time there were only two print publications that held out any hope for Apple’s survival: Macworld and MacAddict. Macworld’s editorial tone was reasoned and cautiously optimistic. MacAddict was irreverent and fiercely loyal.

Ten years later, the state of the print publication industry and the fortunes of Apple Inc. (Apple dropped Computer from its name in 2007) are very different.

In any case, I’m paging through old MacAddict issues, tearing out articles and Apple ads for the sake of Mac geekdom. If you want to share in the geekery you can see the ads at maxpixpix on Flickr.

More ad tearing, scanning, and posting to come.

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