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LOST pasta…

…in cans.

As a kid growing up in the ’70s, one of the first things that I was allowed to cook on the stove was pasta from a can. Of the two competing brands of the time, Chef Boyardee and Franco-American, I preferred Chef Boyardee. Inexplicably, I associated the mustachioed Chef Boyardee with a superior—more sophisticated—product. I think I found the Franco-American names of SpaghettiOs and RavioliOs too childish for my worldly, 7-year-old tastes.

What brings these mushy childhood memories of sweet, tomato sauce-drenched pasta to mind are the 24-pack cases of two new items received in our most recent DHARMA Initiative supply drop—DI Macaroni with Beef in Tomato Sauce and DI Ravioli in Tomato and Meat Sauce. I haven’t dug into a can of either pasta, but I suspect they’re highly similar to the Chef Boyardee delicacies of my youth. In fact, should you want to experience the taste of these DHARMA Initiative wonders of food preserving technology, simply stock up on some tins of Beefaroni and Ravioli, and download, print, and affix the labels below:

I can probably stretch these canned pasta supplies until LOST Season 5 comes out on DVD/Blu-ray in December, but I don’t think they’ll last until the show starts Season 6 next January.

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