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Lost props at Comic-Con 2009…

DHARMA Initiative prop food

…wait, wasn’t this a month ago?

Miss T and I forwent the full con experience/ordeal this year and elected to spend only one day in the slightly overpacked San Diego Convention Center. While total attendance for the five-day event was upwards of 125,000, I’d wager there weren’t any more than a scant 60,000 people when we showed up on Friday.

Friday morning exhibit hall line

You can imagine the logistical nightmare of managing the physical movement (and frenzied expectations) of tens of thousands of pop culture fans—just think about that for a minute. But, despite the scale of the event, this year’s Comic-Con seemed to run surprisingly smoothly. Picking up our registration badges took about 10 minutes—record time. I believe the longest we had to wait was a half-hour for a Coraline panel. Aside from that, the rest of the day was spent winding through the 400+ vendors in the 12-acre exhibit hall.

Since we were only there for the day I spent most of my time shopping and sightseeing vs. taking pictures. But, we did shoot several photos of Lost props (from the post-finale auction sneak peek), one panel discussion, one celebrity, and one booth babe. You can take a look via the thumbnails below or at 20 Comic-Con 2009 (mostly Lost) photos at maxpixpix on Picasa.

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