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Eating out…

…and eating in and eating out again.

(For those who complain, “Stop posting photos of things you’ve eaten,” I  say, “Stop complaining about my posting photos of things I’ve eaten. Go have a snack, for Pete’s sake.”)

Miss T and I have watched with some interest the opening of a Black Bear Diner in the former Bakers Square location in Davis. Black Bear Diner is a West Coast restaurant chain specializing in comfort food-type dishes served in large portions. (No actual bear meat on the menu.)

Davis being the small town that it is, the hint of anything new gets a lot of local attention. We stopped in at the restaurant last week to see what all the hubbub was about.

Black Bear Diner serves breakfast all day, so despite our lunchtime arrival, I ordered the Bigfoot Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs and Miss T had the Bear’s Choice (pancakes, sausage, eggs). As our orders arrived, there was so much food I burst out laughing. The two biscuits that came with my meal each weighed about half-a-pound, and the rest of my breakfast covered the entire surface of a 14-inch platter.

Miss T was more dismayed than amused by the volume of food served and elected to shift half of her meal into a takeout box. I ate as much of mine as I could (yes, there was that much) and did the same.

In the end, the most impressive aspect of Black Bear Diner is the amount of food served. I recommend it for reasonable prices and comedic effect.

What you don’t want to order at Black Bear Diner is sushi—there isn’t any. In any case, sometimes you just want to have sushi and sashimi at home. For just such occasions we’re fortunate enough to have Oto’s Marketplace in Sacramento. (Pictured: Dice-K roll; albacore; maguro; salmon.)

Finally, we spent this past Fathers’ Day at Black Angus. It’s been six or more years since I was at a Black Angus, so I can’t tell if the company’s January bankruptcy has affected individual locations or not. Our dining experience did have a “no frills” feel to it, but my prime rib was still pretty good.

I’m looking forward to more eating (in, out, up, down) this weekend!

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