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When life gives you Lost lemons…

…make Lost lemonade.

Even though Lost is on summer (and fall, and part of winter) break, DHARMA Initiative materiel keeps coming. It’s probably because the last time I entered 2-4 in the computer for a supply drop, it seemed like it wasn’t going through, so I kept entering it.

This week’s drop included, for the first time ever, fruit. Not canned fruit. Fruit. With peels and seeds and stuff. While personnel at the island’s stations have some access to fresh tropical fruit—guavas, papayas, etc.—here at The Hut the only plant life in the vicinity are 25 species of weeds. Consequently, Miss T and I were quite happy to receive a crate of nature’s bounty parachuting in from the night sky.

If you’re having trouble getting fresh fruit supply drops because of my earlier computer error (Sorry!), you can make your own DHARMA Initiative Fruit using whatever local varieties you have available and the following sheet of labels:

Print out the labels on self-adhesive stock and trim ’em out as you need ’em.

Mmm, fruit.

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