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¡Feliz Seis de Mayo!

People in the U.S.—and, to a lesser extent, in Mexico—are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, but if you’d like to extend (or delay) your celabración to Lost Wednesday, why not break out a few DHARMA Initiative food and drink items?

DI Cinco de Mayo

If you’re short on DHARMA Initiative supplies of tequila, beer, green chiles, olives, and refried beans, our old “May 5, 2005” post will help. With chiles, olives, and beans, you’re halfway to making nachos—adding DI Guacamole Dip, Salsa con Queso, and Tortilla Chips will take you another quarter of the way. Supply drops don’t seem to include fresh produce or dairy, so you’re on your own for cheese, onions, and tomatoes (you can use DHARMA Initaitive Diced Tomatoes in a pinch, but fresh tomatoes are definitely better).

DHARMA Initiative Guacamole Dip   DHARMA Initiative Salsa con Queso   DHARMA Initiative Tortilla Chips

¡Siempre, viva la Lost!

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