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Missing from Lost: Corned Beef in Cans

Although we’ve seen Hawaii-favorite SPAM® (recast as DHARMA Initiative Spiced Pork and Ham) in Ben’s refrigerator, we haven’t yet seen SPAM’s lesser cousin and island favorite runner-up: (Canned) Corned Beef.

DHARMA Initiative Corned Beef

While it’s been described as “a little bit above dog food,” corned beef is a South Pacific staple, and as a long-shelf-life source of protein, it’s surprising that it’s not a regular part of DHARMA Initiative supply drops. In the event you can’t requisition DHARMA Initiative Corned Beef, you can restock with locally-sourced tins of corned beef and the following PDF label:

Use some the next time you want to make DHARMA Initiative Corned Beef Hash and Eggs!

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