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Sather Gate in the year 2059…


Miboshi (or Mihoshi) Academy High School entrance

…in the anime world of Macross Frontier.

File this under “it’s not news, but it’s new to me.”

At the northern end of Telegraph Avenue, Sather Gate marks the original south entrance to the UC Berkeley campus. Along with the Campanile clock tower, Sather Gate is one of the enduring landmarks that symbolizes the Berkeley campus.

I’m not quite sure how the design of Sather Gate ended in the Japanese anime world of Macross Frontier, but in this animated world of 2059, the gate serves as the entrance to Miboshi (or Mihoshi) Academy High School, a performance school for would-be pop idols and space fighter pilots. (In the world of Macross, Japanese pop tunes and space battles go hand-in-hand.)

Sather Gate UC Berkeley photo by Wonderlane

Miboshi (or Mihoshi) Academy High School entrance

It’s good to know that in the not-too-distant future, John Galen Howard’s design for Sather Gate lives on, near the center of our galaxy, on a huge traveling space colony, amidst an interstellar war against an alien species.

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