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Lost Tomato Soup Can

DHARMA Initiative Tomato Soup Can

Andy Warhol’s first one-artist gallery exhibition consisted of his series of Campbell’s Soup Cans canvases. Debuting in 1962, the art world hated them. Later, Warhol would become world-famous and the Soup Cans images would come to symbolize the pop art movement.

Less well-known, perhaps completely unknown, was a work purportedly commissioned by the Hanso Foundation in the early ’70s—DHARMA Initiative Tomato Soup Can. Like the Campbell’s Soup Cans, the DI Tomato Soup Can is a silkscreened 20×16-inch canvas. Unlike the numerous Campbell’s Soup Cans, it seems only one DHARMA Initiative Tomato Soup Can was ever produced.

The whereabouts of the DI Tomato Soup Can canvas are unknown, but you can view a photo of it at maxpixpix on Flickr.

If the synthetic polymer paint on canvas image of DHARMA Initiative Tomato Soup Can gives you a hankering for a can of DI Tomato Soup, you can whip one up with a can of condensed tomato soup and the following label:

I wonder if a painting of DHARMA Initiative Trading Stamps was ever made?

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