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Drama, comedy, and…



…hazmat suits [SPOILERS].

Who would have thought that the suspension-of-disbelief-defying actioner 24 was set in the same TV universe as the off-the-wall comedy Better Off Ted? One show is based on the premise of a world filled with danger from corporate greed and misplaced patriotism. The other show is based on the premise of a world filled with questionable products from corporate greed and… more corporate greed.

In any case, this past week’s episodes of 24 and Better Off Ted firmly ensconced both shows in the same TV universe when they ended up using the same (Hollywood) hazmat suits.

In 24, Jack Bauer gets contaminated by a bioweapon and has to be checked out by the CDC. Later, he quietly broods over the sacrifices he has made in service to his president and his country.


In Better Off Ted, a contamination alarm goes off and leads Ted and Linda to an awkward love scene. Later, Ted decides that he should sacrifice his love life to protect his daughter from potential unhappiness.


Now, if only we could get both shows into the same realm of quality (one is ridiculously funny, the other is just plain ridiculous).

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