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Lost magazine ads found


Last week a set of six DHARMA Initiative magazine ads from the ’70s popped up in a Flickr photo set posted by Hot Meteor Design. The vintage ads cover a range of DHARMA products (cigarettes, vans, uniforms, seasick pills) and technologies (computers, observational system) that, despite being pretty worn-out, give us a glimpse of the Hanso Foundation’s outreach to magazine readers of the time.

We have old Heuristics and Research Monthly magazines packed up in the subbasement, so I went down and grabbed an issue out of the 1974 box. Twelve pages in and I came across an ad for DHARMA Initiative Instant Coffee. It’s funny—they haven’t changed that instant coffee label in 35 years!

We’ll scan and post more of these vintage ads as we come across them. Namaste.

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