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The mystery of Lost tortilla chips

There are plenty of mysteries regarding the DHARMA Initiative: their (real) origins, their (real) goals, etc. But, while I wonder about these questions, I trust that they’ll be answered before Lost concludes next year. The Lost puzzles that keep me up at night are of a more mundane nature: Where the heck are the supply drops coming from? Are the DHARMA Initiative White Onions in Ben’s fridge whole or diced? How do fragile items, like DI Tortilla Chips, survive the shock of a parachute-drop delivery?

However they do it (gravity–/inertia-control? really good padding?), the last bag of DHARMA Initiative Tortilla Chips I pulled out of the drop crate were in astonishingly good shape. There were a couple of broken bits in the bottom of the bag, and contents had apparently shifted during transport, but overall, the chips were crispy and whole. They went great with the DHARMA Initiative Salsa con Queso and DI Guacamole Dip.

On the off chance that your DI Tortilla Chips did not survive ground impact, you can replace them with a bag from the local grocer and the following PDF label:

Time for some nachos!

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