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View from the right side…

…of the train.

Last week two events coincided: three weeks of Northern California rain ceased; and, the clocks shifted for seize the daylight time (carpe diem tempus temporis… or something). The result? For the first time in many months, my train trip home was during daylight hours.

Traveling through the impenetrable, nighttime, tinted-train window void, it’s easy to forget that the rails pass through some beautiful California countryside. It’s also easy to forget that the rails pass through some pretty low-rent areas—the backyards and junkyards of America.

After months of traveling in dislocated darkness, though, I’m glad to see anything out the windows besides indistinguishably distant points of light.

If you’re interested in what a daytime railroad trip from Richmond to Davis looks like, look no further than 10 Capitol Corridor photos on Picasa Web.

Now, all we need is for the morning trip to be during daylight.

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