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Things recently eaten…

…(in the last week or so).

Miss T and I have enjoyed the food from Harry’s Cafe in Sac for years. The bowl above features some leftover Harry’s Special Fried Rice topped with a couple of eggs which I overcooked. It was still good!

I broke with Miss V’s and my long-running tradition of weekly pizza and beer at Bobby G’s by having fettucini alfredo instead. Miss V still had pizza (and we both still had beer).

At the end of last week, el director and I ventured into Meridian International Sports Cafe in Berkeley. The food and drink were good (shepherd’s pie and a Chimay ale for me), albeit a bit pricey, and the place was as quiet as a tomb. Hopefully they do more business at happy hour and dinner.

Lastly, and most recently, Miss T and I visited our friends, the M-zones. They took us to El Novillero in Sacramento. We ate food and (some of us) drank beer and a generally good time was had by all.

Here’s to things recently eaten!

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