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Lost food on a budget

In these tough financial times, it’s important for non-profit organizations, even large ones like the Hanso Foundation, to maximize scarce budget resources. So, while the DHARMA Initiative will continue its commitment to research in the fields of meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and Utopian social ideals, cost-cutting measures in other areas are an unfortunate consequence of the current global economic crisis. To that end, all DHARMA Initiative station personnel are asked to stretch food stores as much as possible.

And now for a food-budgeting tip.

One way to extend food supplies is to combine ingredients you may not be using with more typically used foodstuffs—this eliminates waste and adds variety to your diet.

Do you like DI Chili with Beans? You can make a larger quantity of chili with beans by adding one can of DI Diced Tomatoes and one can of DI Kidney Beans to your DHARMA Initiative Chili with Beans. Combine your tomatoes, beans, and canned chili in a pot, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for five minutes. If you have some on hand, add chili seasoning to taste.

DHARMA Initiative Kidney Beans

There you have it. Enjoy more chili, maximize use of food stores, reduce waste, advance the cause of the Foundation, and help the world! Namaste.

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