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Breakfast for one…

…well, for two, actually. (I was having breakfast at my table, too.)

Apparently, Pat Brown’s Grill (at UC Berkeley) wasn’t this morning’s breakfast hot spot. Maybe all the students got their breakfast to go. Or, maybe they were just unwilling to get up before 10 in the morning. I know that when I was a student sometime in the beginning of the last century, I rarely left the house before The People’s Court (the one with Judge Wapner, the real People’s Court judge) came on at 2 p.m.

Or, it may have been this morning’s tooth-shattering jackhammering that was keeping the tables student-free. For some reason, the adjacent building’s demolition–/construction-noise was louder inside Pat Brown’s than it was outside—like the restaurant and the guy with the jackhammer were on opposite ends of a sounding board.

I actually found the jackhammering had a zen-like effect. Nothing could be heard over it—no juvenile conversations or too-loud MP3-player headphones or scraping of tables and chairs on tile floor. There was just the jackhammer and me.

And, breakfast.

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