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Train in motion…


Wednesday was a rough day for the Capitol Corridor and its riders. An apparent suicide in the morning delayed trains for 2+ hours and an afternoon pedestrian vs. train fatality added an extra hour to the evening commute.

On Thursday morning the train stopped in the dark somewhere between Dixon and Suisun. When the conductor announced over the loudspeaker that there was a vehicle on the tracks somewhere ahead, I contemplated another two hours of staring out the train windows and decided that, yes, today I would have that third bloody mary. Turns out someone had made a right turn at an intersection onto the tracks—whoops! Our delay ending up only being a half-hour; just enough time for the sun to come so I could snap the above photo of the slough rushing by as the train tried to catch up to its schedule.

This (Friday) morning I was delayed but the train was on time. We had a pink-orange sunrise that flickered on and off between banks of tule fog. It looked just like this photo from last week:

Cheers everyone. Here’s to the good things about commuting on the train.

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