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Lost tuna in cans

With the Losties stuck on a tropical island surrounded by waters teeming with fish you’d think they’d have no need for canned tuna. But, there are actually many good reasons to have DHARMA Initiative Tuna on hand.

Tuna is a deep sea fish. If the survivors could have easily gotten far enough away from the island to fish for tuna, they’d have all been halfway home by now and the show would be over. Nobody wants that.

Longer shelf life. Even with shore fishing bringing in fresh fish, it’s good to have a long-storage alternative. Freezing and refrigeration don’t seem to be viable options since the island seems to have something against having a refrigerator. The Swan: blown up. The Flame: blown up. The Freighter: blown up. The DHARMA Initiative/Others Village: blown up. All of these places had refrigerators.

Tuna salad. Have you ever tried to make tuna salad with fresh tuna? Me neither. How else are you going to get rid of all that DHARMA Initiative Ranch Dressing?

With these compelling reasons in mind, we’re happy to have cans and cans of DI Tuna stocking our food storage locker. We keep the locker in a separate location from the refrigerator in case the place mysteriously blows up.

If you’re having trouble getting hold of DHARMA Initiative canned tuna, you can make your own with the label below:

DHARMA Initiative Tuna

Sorry, Charlie. DHARMA wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.

(Secret message: Kamen Rider, this one’s for you.)

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