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The continuing life…

Train Life DVD box

…of Train Life.

I filmed Train Life in 2003, edited it in 2004, and shipped the completed 23-minute masterpiece of Capitol Corridor commuting to a half-dozen or so film festivals that same year. Predictably, festivals large and small concurred that the film should be seen by no one, and politely but firmly refused to screen the epic, although one did give Train Life a Best of Festival award in exchange for the promise that I never make a movie again.

Train Life finally screened to a small but enthusiastic audience at the Davis Film Festival in 2006. Pleased that someone besides my immediate family (pets included) had seen the film, I immortalized Train Life with Wikipedia and IMDb entries, and moved on to Max Pictures’ next project, 私のアニメの人生 (My Anime Life). (Yes, we’re still working on that one.) Aside from actually leading a train life on a daily basis, for the most part, Train Life went dormant.

Two years later, at the end of 2008, an opportunity came up via CreateSpace to distribute Train Life DVDs on Amazon. Smelling the Internet riches of the long-tail economic model, I jumped on board. A couple of online forms and a DVD master later and Train Life is available from Amazon and CreateSpace.

And the long-tail economic model? This week, someone somewhere ordered one copy of Train Life from Amazon.

Geez, I hope they don’t return it.

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