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Super Bowl Sunday…

Death Star?

…sans Super Bowl.

When I turned on the tube Sunday morning and saw that the pre-pre-pregame show was already on—six hours in advance of the start of the game—it felt like way too much Super Bowl for 9 a.m. Miss T and I decided to turn the TV off and headed out for S.F. instead.

We landed in Union Square where it was not quite as deserted as I had hoped it would be. “Don’t these people know that Super Bowl XLIII is starting in just 3 hours?!?” I wondered. Actually, I didn’t think “XLIII,” I thought “forty three.” But, you get the picture.

In lieu of typical Super Bowl lunchtime fare, we headed up to The Rotunda, the restaurant overlooking Neiman Marcus’ atrium entrance.

Tradition at Neiman Marcus dictates that everyone starts off with a teeny cup (demitasse?) of chicken consommé and a gigantic popover with strawberry butter. I asked the waiter where the tradition came from, but he claimed not to know. Maybe it’s just a Texas thing (the tradition, not the not knowing).

For lunch, Miss T followed up with carpaccio and I had a Reuben. It was a pastrami Reuben, but it was good. To top it all off, we opted for dessert in the form of strawberry shortcake with Chantilly cream.

Very light. Not too sweet. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.

Post-lunch, to continue not watching the game, we headed over to Japantown for a couple of hours of manga, anime, J-music, J-drama, and all-around J-related shopping. And then, more eating.

We stopped in at Mums, at Hotel Tomo. Mums is known for shabu shabu, but Miss T ordered omurice and I had the hamburger steak.

All in all, an enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday with nary a chicken wing in sight.

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