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Lost food in cans

Lost is back.

According to the show’s producers, Season 5 begins the rush to the show’s end (Season 6 ends the series) and we’ll supposedly start to get more answers to Lost’s countless mysteries. This penultimate season should also be more action-packed as the characters’ various crisscrossing stories come crashing together, canceling each other out, or maybe ricocheting off in opposite directions. I don’t know. It’s not clear how TV plotlines physics works.

A question that we hope will be answered at some point in Season 5 or 6 is, “What other types of DHARMA Initiative food in cans are there?”

I mean, we’re all wondering, right?

While we wait for these foodstuffs answers to appear in the story, we’ll keep posting whatever info we can scrape up from our intermittent connection to the Hanso Foundation’s Copenhagen mainframes. Here’s this week’s answer to the food-in-cans question:

DHARMA Initative Deviled Ham Spread

Deviled ham spread is another super-salty tinned-food-wonder and makes a great sandwich—though we haven’t seen bread in a food drop… there should be DI Crackers somewhere, though.

As usual, if you’ve completely lost access to DHARMA Initiative supply drops you can make your own DI Deviled Ham Spread with 4.25-ounce tins of off-the-shelf civilian deviled ham spread, scissors, tape, and bit of paper-folding ability.

Best thing about food in cans? Super-long shelf life is immune to drastic shifts in space-time.

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