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Lost (Tomato Paste) Premiere

It’s just hours now until Lost kicks off its 2009 season—hopefully you have some suitable Lost-themed festivities planned for the event. But, even if you’re not hosting a star-studded Hollywood bash or a fanboy-encrusted living room viewing party, there’s no reason not to enjoy a quiet, DHARMA Initiative-supplied dinner during the 3-hour Season 5 premiere.

If you’re short an ingredient (specifically tomato paste) for your DI dinner or party, then you’re in luck—a new Hanso Foundation product has hit the supply room shelves:

DHARMA Initiative Tomato Paste

The tomato paste, available in organic and, uh, inorganic, varieties should be arriving in supply drops any day now. If you need a couple of cans for your evening’s gala event, though, you might want to make up a couple of cans using the downloadable labels above.

Now where did I put the DHARMA Initiative marinara sauce recipe?

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