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Macworld ’09…

Between Moscone N and S

…last Thursday.

Macworld Expo was last week, and last week was Apple’s final appearance at the Expo. Quite a bit has been written up about why Apple decided to bow out of the annual January event—the simple answers seem to be:

  • Apple doesn’t need Macworld to generate “buzz” about its products—Apple products make their own news
  • Apple doesn’t need a tradeshow to put their products in front of consumers—there are 230 Apple Stores worldwide stocked with the latest Apple products
  • Apple would rather make product announcements on their own timetable—not Macworld’s

Above Macworld

For Apple’s Macworld swan song there were no major platform launches—no iPod, no iPhone, no iGroundbreakingproduct. The stars of Apple’s pavilion were all Mac: iLife and iWork ’09 and a revamped 17-inch MacBook Pro. Correspondingly, gone were the throngs of iPod groupies from ’05 and ’06, and the insane crowds from the ’07 iPhone announcement.

Above Macworld

At first I thought, “There’s hardly anyone here.” But, then I realized there were thousands of people in the convention center perusing product displays, grabbing booth swag, sitting in on demos, and talking all things Mac—it just wasn’t crazy crowded.

Just like Macworlds of old.

Google charges

There were, of course, still vendors selling iPod and iPhone cases, stereo speaker systems, A/V output equipment, you name it. Even Google, which doesn’t sell any physical products, was on the iPhone bandwagon.

Apple Store, SF

IDG, the company that puts on Macworld Expo, has already announced plans for Macworld 2010. What next year’s Expo will be without Apple is hard to say. But, those of us wanting to see the latest must-have from Apple—whatever and whenever that might be—will be doing so at one of those stores with the giant fruit logo on the front.

Good luck, Macworld! Good luck.

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