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Sun vs. fog…

Fog - 1, Sun - 0

…fog wins (the morning).

It’s been foggy in the Central Valley—the entire Central Valley—the last few days. Yesterday, the mist didn’t lift at all.

Fog in our neck of the woods, tule fog, isn’t like San Francisco’s—it doesn’t race along the street at 30 m.p.h. momentarily obscuring and revealing jaywalkers as you whip around corners and up and down hills. No, Central Valley fog just sits there, gradually diminishing visibility to zero in all directions. It’s usually not so thick that it’s a problem in town, but at freeway speeds it can be lethal. On Friday, when I snapped these pix, visibility was about 1000 feet. Just a quiet, misty, moisty morning.

Fog on 2nd

Here’s hoping the fog burns off today.

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