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Old Sac…

Union Hotel, et al.

…ramento (for you non-Central Valley types).

I’ve lived around Sacramento for at least ten years and visited Old Sacramento maybe three or four times. There’s probably a lot of history there, but all I’ve ever noticed are bars, restaurants, and candy shops—an inordinately high number of candy shops.

Undaunted by the threat of history and old-timey candy, at the end of October Miss T and I decided to take a stroll around Old Sac. I didn’t learn anything (we only had an hour on the parking meter), but I did take 15 Old Sacramento photos which you can see by clicking on the link (the one you just passed—it says 15 Old Sacramento photos… no the first one is the link… okay, no, wait, I’ll link it both times.)

No parking. Hitching post.

Anyway, that’s Old Sac. (Maybe we’ll come back during Gold Rush Days.)

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