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No pictures…

Sidewalk leaves

…of people. (Well, very few with people, actually.)

One of my coworkers recently complained about photos of scenery in general and my photos of scenery in particular. “I’m so tired of seeing photo after photo of still lifes. What are you? Antisocial?”* asked WhittGirl.

As anyone who has seen me running from a crowd can attest, I’m not antisocial, just antipeople… in my photos. And, unless I’m shooting an interview, in my movies.

Bremerton-Seattle run

Miss T and I were in Seattle earlier this month and we took many photos of people. None of them are posted here or on Picasa Web, Flickr, Facebook, or elsewhere. However, some of the many, many, many depopulated photos I shot are online at 100 Seattle Weekend photos. The album depicts our brief trip to the Puget Sound: a departure from Sacramento’s aging airport facilities, an obligatory ferry ride, a night out on Ballard Ave., a farmers market (again on Ballard Ave.) the next day, Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, and the slick mall-like newness of SeaTac’s central terminal.

Blues man

The pix aren’t entirely devoid of people, but you can tell I tried.

*Not a verbatim quote.

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