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New breakfast…

Breakfast quesadilla in sleeve

…worse than than old breakfast.

I was introduced this morning to a frightening new train-based mobile breakfast technology: the Breakfast Bacon and Egg Quesadilla. Deceptively simple in its appearance and microwave-delivery, the quesadilla belied its complex factory-preparation and lab-based ingredients.

And, it tasted terrible.

Breakfast quesadilla unsheathed

Actually, it wasn’t how the quesadilla tasted, it was the texture. Part of the problem may have been that I spent five minutes photographing the thing before I dug into it—the quesadilla rapidly cooled, the cheese started to harden, and the tortilla became chewy and tough. More of the problem was that the egg in the quesadilla may have come from dehydrated chickens—I’ve never had scrambled eggs anywhere as mealy.

This, however, did not stop me from consuming the whole thing.

Breakfast quesadilla con salsa

Once upon a time they had a small breakfast burrito on the train that was inexpensive and pretty good. It was replaced months ago with a larger, pricier, less-palatable burrito. Now, that burrito has been replaced with joined by this crime against quesadillas. (I recently noticed that they still have the new breakfast burrito.)

I suppose for now we’ll just stick with the croissant.

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