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I like Flickr…

maxpixpix Flickr vs. maxpixpix Picasa

…but Picasa is cheaper.

Max Pictures has photos posted all over the place. Well, a couple of places. Okay, four places*, I think.

We started out with a self-hosted online gallery (using the open source program Gallery, of all things), but when Flickr came on the scene we quickly jumped (our own) ship and maxpixpix on Flickr was born. Actually, we double-posted for a while, but the features (especially geotagging) and ease-of-use that Flickr offered quickly bought our allegiance. Like Gallery, Flickr was free. All was good.

Then, we hit Flickr’s free account 200 image limit.

I cursed. I swore. I wrote angry emails (in my head) to Flickr’s management team. I couldn’t go back to free, cumbersome, and slowly-updated Gallery. I considered paying for a Flickr Pro account. Miss T reminded me that Max Pictures was already paying for web hosting with oodles and gigabyte oodles of server space. I searched for another free Flickr-like Web image service. Google’s Picasa Web Albums, oddly enough, was the top result from my Google search.

Picasa wasn’t (and still isn’t) as function-rich, widely-used, or just-plain-sexy as Flickr. But, it does have many of the same features as Flickr (specifically geotagging) and it is being (slowly) updated by Google. Most importantly, the free account storage limit of 1 gigabyte beats the pants off of Flickr’s 200 image photostream cap. Max Pictures’ photo gallery jumped ship again to maxpixpix on Picasaweb. All was good.

Today I discovered Flickr Enlarger. It’s a simple Web app that let’s you view Flickr images like this: Astro Boy promotes Tezuka.

Very simple. Very sexy. For Flickr. *sigh*

Okay, back to editing photos for posting to Picasa.

*The fourth way we’re posting images is via WordPress.

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