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Eat at Sam’s…

Outside Sam's

in Davis.

Actually, order takeout food from Sam’s, eat at home. The place ain’t much in the looks department, but the food is great.

Miss T and I don’t mind cooking, but I don’t think either of us has ever attempted to make Mediterranean food (beef shawarma, lamb kebab, falafel, etc.). There’s no reason for us to since Sam’s is just a hop, skip, and a jump and another jump away from the house. (Ali Baba’s, which is another Mediterranean restaurant some Davisvillians swear by, is about 100 feet away from Sam’s, but I’ve never gone past Sam’s to try them. Must be that ‘location, location, location’ thing realtors are always talking about.)

This week’s story: Tuesday night we didn’t feel like cooking. So, off to Sam’s I went. I came back with lamb kebab on pita, beef shawarma over rice, french fries, and baklava. All were excellent.

Two things to note about Sam’s:

  1. Cash only.
  2. Eating a pita sandwich is messy.

The above photo is from a couple of weeks ago—back when the sun still shone in the afternoon. No pictures of Sam’s food since I’m always so anxious to dig in that I forget to photodocument it.

Man, I could go for some Sam’s right about now.

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