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Maverick, Schmaverick


I had made up a John McCain yard sign Adobe Illustrator file—for parody purposes—quite a while ago, after reading an article in The Sacramento Bee. But, the spoof bug never bit, as I wasn’t feeling disrespectful enough—and couldn’t think of anything clever enough—to commit anything to digital print output.

I still haven’t thought of anything clever, or timely (the McCain campaign doesn’t seem to be trumpeting its maverick-ness so much these days), even after the addition of Governor Palin to the ticket. But, seeing an unimaginative yard sign offering on CafePress made me worry less about my lack of creativity.

If you’d like to take a shot at making your own parody McCain/Palin sign, or if you’d like to just print out a McCain/Palin sign, you can download this Adobe Illustrator-editable PDF:

You’ll need the OpenType version of Optima (included with the current version of Mac OS X) if you want to edit the sign in Illustrator.

You can also download the past-its-prime Schmaverick sign:

Don’t forget to vote/schmote!

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