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Brick ceiling lighting

…at the mall.

Miss T and I happened to stop by Arden Fair Mall last Sunday—I wanted to see the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and LED Cinema DIsplay at the Apple Store (they’re all very, very nice, by the way)—and we ended up wandering around for about three hours. We hadn’t been to Arden Fair (or any mall, for that matter) in a long while so we spent some time taking in the mall sights: roving bands of tween– and teenyboppers; fleets of parents and baby strollers; chain stores devoted entirely to ball caps or calendars or adjustable beds. Nothing particularly new; just the same strange mall stuff.

Shopping for LEGOs

But, between marveling at KB Toys’ continued existence and wondering how Frederick’s of Hollywood pays their lease, a commotion in the mall’s atrium court caught my attention—some sort of LEGO® event was underway. An 8-foot-tall LEGO R2-D2 was at the center of the affair, and kids (and parents) waited in line to get LEGO t-shirts and have their picture taken with the giant R2. “That’s interesting,” I said. “I wonder why they’re having a LEGO Star Wars event here?” A few minutes later Miss T and I had our answer: a LEGO store had just opened at the mall.

Wall of LEGOs

I haven’t played with LEGOs in a decade or more (with the exception of LEGO Star Wars on PS3), but I was still excited to see this new shop. The store is done up as LEGO-ey as possible, with the brick and studs motif everywhere. There are tons of LEGO sets available for purchase (with a heavy emphasis on licensed sets: Star Wars®, Batman®, Indiana Jones®, Thomas the Tank Engine®) and a whole wall of bins with à la carte parts that you can buy by the pound. It’s almost enough to make me want to pull my old LEGO sets out storage. Almost.

LEGO store

Hmm… where did I put those old LEGOs?

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