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A zillion kids…

Entry lines/crowds

…and their parents at the California Academy of Sciences (CAS).

I’ve weeded through the 500 or so photos Miss T and I shot at CAS last weekend. The results of that editing process—where I filter by such factors as “whoops, my thumb was in front of the lens” and “it’s so blurry I can’t tell if this was inside or outside”—can be seen here: 80 California Academy of Science photos. The photos cover a good portion of the Academy, including many shots of crowds, sea life, rainforest life, grassy roofs, ceiling tiles, and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels (they were flying around outside).

Outside the rainforests

We had a good time shepherding our folks through the brand-spanking-new Academy and I recommend visiting it despite the admission fee ($24.95 for adults) and the teeming, unruly masses of kids, parents, strollers, and backpacks. I suggest the following, though:

  • Buy your tickets online a few days in advance
  • If you want to dine at the Moss Room restaurant, make a reservation
  • Get there early—no, not when they open, earlier
  • As soon as you enter, get afternoon planetarium show tickets, then go through the rainforest(s), then the aquarium, then maybe eat lunch
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring two digital camera batteries and two memory cards (also bring digital camera)

Miss T and I are considering an Academy membership for next year.

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