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Lunch at Jupiter…

Jupiter umbrella

…Berkeley, California.

Jupiter is a beerhouse in Downtown Berkeley that bears little resemblance to its planetary namesake. The one astronomical nod to our planetary system’s fifth member is in (the beerhouse) Jupiter’s logo: a red spot to match (the planet) Jupiter’s Great Red Spot storm. There’s also (the beerhouse) Jupiter’s Red Spot ale which I’ve tried a few (50+) times—it’s quite good.

For the sake of clarity the remainder of this post will focus on Jupiter, (the beerhouse) about a block from my workplace.

By my reckoning Jupiter has three things going for it: a solid lineup of house brews; a very brief, but good lunch menu; and a courtyard beer garden. When the planets align (ha!) and the sun is out, lunch with a beer in the courtyard at Jupiter is a wundervoll thing. Yesterday was one of those days.

It’s cloudy and cool today in downtown Berkeley (all of Berkeley, actually), but these 5 Jupiter photos will give you an idea of what Jupiter’s like with beer and a sunny day.

When you get down to it, though, beer and a rainy day aren’t so bad either.

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