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Domokun for Target

…at Target®. For Halloween.

Do you know Domokun? (If not, here’s a brief article about him on Wikipedia.) For the purposes of this post, the most important thing to know about Domokun is that he’s from Japan.

Last week Autoteknik tipped us off (via iPhone photo, natch) that Domokun had “officially” landed in the U.S.—at Target. Miss T and I swung by our nearest red bullseye-festooned outlet this weekend to confirm for ourselves that Domokun was, yes, here on our foreign shore, and that we were not the victims of some elaborate photo fakery (like the moon landings).

You can see our non-faked photos at 5 Domo(kun) at Target photos.

Domokun says “Domo!”

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