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More dirty train windows…

Benicia bridge and tank

…on Amtrak Capitol Corridor 525.

Every now and again in the morning I snap out of my Capitol Corridor-induced stupor and manage to look out one of our spotty train windows. And, in some of those few times that I’m squinting out at the landscape-cityscape-industrialfacilityscape, an interesting view flashes by. Interesting to me, anyway.


The other 98% of the time when I’m zonked-out unconscious or reading the paper or staring at a laptop screen (usually my own) all sorts of great views are probably passing by.

Carquinez from 525

Fall is approaching and at some point in the coming months my commute will be entirely in the dark (morning and night). The only view in the windows then will be the interior of the train car—the windows turn into tinted mirrors.

But, at least then you can’t see the dirt on them.

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