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BART called it…

Medical emergency at Richmond BART

…a “medical emergency.” The Mercury News called it a “body found on tracks.” Those of us trying to get to Richmond via BART to catch our Capitol Corridor connection called it “missing our train and catching the next one.”

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of cramming into an AC Transit bus with maybe 60 or 70 other people trying to get from El Cerrito del Norte BART to the closed-due-to-medical-emergency Richmond BART. We arrived, slightly rumpled, at the Richmond station in plenty of time for the Capitol Corridor commuters in the group to troop into the station and up to the Amtrak platform. Across the way, on the BART platform where the police were milling around, we could see what the delay was all about.

A slight hitch in the commute home, but, overall, my day was considerably better than others’.

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