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Top of the…

Top of the Rock

…Rock. Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse, Berkeley.

Went to lunch with my coworkers last week at Triple Rock. It was a hot day (for Berkeley) and, though I was worried about the heat, we opted to sit upstairs at the “Top of the Rock.”

There’s an awning, which cuts down on the glare, that covers the seating area at the Top of the Rock, but on this particular day it wasn’t helping with the heat. Thankfully, better than shade, Triple Rock has beer. We ordered. Beer arrived. We drank. The temperature instantly dropped eight, maybe fifteen degrees. Amazing.

Mmmm… beer.

Oh yeah, there was also food. I had the A.B.S. (avacado, bacon, Swiss) burger.

A.B.S. and fries

Good times.

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