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NEW! Lost chili in 15-ounce size!

A while ago, our good friend and fellow Lost-watcher, Kamen Rider, pointed out that his local DIY DHARMA Initiative Chili supplier (Costco) had changed the size of the cans it was carrying from 19 ounces to 15 ounces. Accordingly, the DI Chili labels we had posted no longer fit properly. Yes, you could still slap the big labels on the smaller cans, but then the all-important nutrition information and Hanso Foundation logo would be covered up and the can would look all wrong. Then there’d be no way that the guy you had living in your basement was going to continue believing that you were actually part of the DHARMA Initiative. And, he’d probably begin to question why you were charging him $3600 a month in rent (and DI assessment and testing fees). Getting him to continue punching the numbers in the computer every 108 minutes would probably be tough, too.

So, if, like Kamen Rider, this is your situation, then fear no more—newly reformulated labels are now online:

DI Chili with Beans

Print ’em out, paste ’em on, and none will be the wiser. ( ^ _ – )

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