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Photographing microbes…


…giant, cute microbes.

Some time ago, Miss T discovered the anime Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture (もやしもん). The show, set in Japan, follows a university ag-student with the ability to see microbes without aid of a microscope. The kicker—and what probably caught Miss T’s attention in the first place—is that the microorganisms our ag-student sees aren’t like this:

Mystery microbes

They’re like this:

Fun microbes

You can see CG versions of the Moyashimon microbes in action in the show’s opening titles and closing credits.

And, you can see our own photos of three of Moyashimon’s star microbes—P. chrysogenum, A. oryzae, and E. coli O157—at 20 Microbe (Moyashimon) photos. (Once we saw the critters on the show we knew that they were a merchandising opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.)

Here’s to hoping they make more microbes!

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