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Max Pictures optimized for iPhone!…

…well, we’ve got a customized home screen icon, at least.

I’ve had an iPhone (3G) for just 20 days and I’m still learning how to use it. (Did you know this iPhone-thing is more than just a phone?) For example, one of my early-adopter 2G-owning coworkers pointed out that you can save Mobile Safari URLs to the iPhone’s home screen. “Cool!” I thought, and I quickly tried this functionality with a couple of my favorite sites:


and, Kotaku

However, when I tried to add Max Pictures’ Blather, I got this

Well, that wasn’t going to work.

So, a quick Google search and a tutorial later, and maxpictures.com has its own custom iPhone home screen icon. Now, for the two of you that might potentially bookmark this site on your iPhone (and you know who you are), Max’s icon awaits you.

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