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Saturday morning…

Under the awning

…at the Davis Farmers Market.

I had to meet some former Davisvillians (they resettled in Woodlandia to the north) for a clandestine item hand-off. Rather than go through a complicated “put a white chalk X on the mailbox by the waterwheel off Route 99 after you’ve put the envelope in the hollow rock by the abandoned stable” sort of deal, I opted for a good, old-fashioned face-to-face in a public place with lots of people. And, lots of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The Davis Farmers Market fit the bill.

The folks making the drop-off were late so I took the opportunity to take some snaps of vendors and their wares and market-goers and their pets. You can see my super-secret spy pix at 25 Davis Farmers Market photos.

Now, where did I put that hollow rock?

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