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The view from seat 11A…

Red, in-flight entertainment

…on Virgin America.

I dislike air travel. It’s not a fear of flying or anything. I guess I dislike commercial air travel. I don’t like having to get to the airport to meet the airline’s schedule, or dealing with the increasing luggage restrictions and TSA searches. I really don’t like how crowded and small coach seating is. I suppose it’s my just desserts for having grown up consuming the products of caged laying hens and on the odd occasion, veal.

Despite my extreme distaste for commercial air travel I flew back to northern California after Comic-Con. My friend Autoteknik recently raved about Virgin America (both coach and first class) so I decided to give them a try.

The seats on my flight did seem a little roomier than the last Southwest flight I had taken. But, since the cabin was completely full it ultimately made little noticeable difference. Likewise, Red, the in-flight entertainment system available to every traveler, differentiated Virgin from flights I had taken on Southwest, Alaskan, and Hawaiian Air. But, it was an early flight and I was in no mood to make use of Red’s touchscreen-controlled TV, movies, music, chat, or games. In the end I arrived in the Bay Area just as cramped and cranky as I would have had I flown on Southwest. I guess traveling first class is what would have really made a difference.

Following are some low-res iPhone pix from my Virgin America flight.

I guess I’d fly on Virgin again.


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