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Day One…

Comic-Con crowd exodus

…of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con is over and done.

Miss T and I and the K&E&k! Show spent a good six-and-a-half hours (less an hour break) perusing Comic-Con’s massive 523,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall. Starting at row 100 we wound our way up-and-down the aisles, reaching roughly row 2000 (or 40% of the exhibit floor) before heading out to catch an anime panel in the upper level meeting rooms. Unfortunately, the convention staff’s line-management skills were lacking and we wasted a half-hour standing in line without getting into the panel. Annoyed by the incident, which I have dubbed the “Why Didn’t You Tell Us the Room Is at Capacity and We’ve Been Standing in the Overflow Line for Fifteen Minutes” debacle, we decided to cool our heels in the Sails Pavilion before hitting the exhibition floor and the end of the exhibit floor hours.

By the end of the day my feet and back hurt, but would that keep us from coming back for Day Two? Of course not. You can see what Day One and Night Zero were like at maxpixpix on Picasa.

More later.

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