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San Diego Comic-Con…

Preview Night crowds

…is on.

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 has kicked off this Wednesday with the inaptly-named Preview Night. With attendee registrations selling out well in advance of the convention, Preview Night has become the official “Starting Night” of the event.

The END of the line

Miss T and I arrived a little later than usual to pick up our registration badges and were greeted with a line that stretched around and behind the San Diego Convention Center. With 10,000 or more pre-registered attendees ahead of us, things didn’t look good for our getting inside the exhibit hall before they shut Preview Night down (at 9 p.m.). But, after moving at a stop-and-go pace for twenty minutes, something broke loose and we breezed non-stop through the last 800 yards of the line, grabbed our registration badges, and headed for the exhibit hall.

There was far too much to see and far too many people to wade past in the 90 minutes we had before Preview Night’s end. We’re hoping to approach the rest of the convention at a more leisurely pace.

You can see a bit of Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2008 photos. More later.

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